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Science Carnival Outreach Exhibits
Watch your classroom curriculum come alive when we bring science and math or space science exploration galleries to you through our Science Carnival Outreach. Choose between two themes: Gee Whiz! or Space Journeys, and let us take care of the rest.

Why Science Carnival?

  • Faculty loves the teacher workshops that give them fresh ideas for inquiry-based teaching methods.
  • Students love the zany science presentations and the chance to experiment, manipulate and be WOWed.
  • Administrators love the results!

Teachers are saying:
"The exploration allowed for cause and effect in a way the students could understand."
"Excellent Sci-Port preparation for discussions before and after free exploration."
"All the activities used hit the GLEs perfectly."

Science Carnival transforms any space into an engaging learning environment, instantly!

  • Sci-Port staff provides a preparatory teachers' workshop and resource materials, student-involved demonstrations and a structured environment for classes to interact with the exhibits.
  • Science Carnival also is available for festivals, libraries, churches and community centers.
  • Portable outreach exhibits are set up by Sci-Port in one hour!

Science Carnival pricing:
Includes interactive exhibits, program demonstrations, teachers' workshop and resource materials.
$775 Caddo and Bossier Parish schools and other local venues less than 60 miles
$975 All other schools and venues
For trips of 60 miles or more, add $1 per roundtrip mile travel cost.

For additional information, call (318) 424-8660.

Up to 300 students per day -- 60 per hour -- can receive the full experience of GeeWhiz Science Carnival.   Up to 250 students per day -- 50 per hour -- can receive the full experience of Space Journeys Science Carnival
A potpourri of curriculum-based science and math fun that features 25 hands-on exhibits at eight stations.
Designed for Pre-school 8th grades.
An adventure exploring the space sciences that features 15 hands-on exhibits and a StarLab portable planetarium.
Designed for Pre-school 8th grades.
Interactive Exhibits
  • Music: The Science: Laser Harp, Digital Music Box, Xylo-Fun
  • Music: The Art: Air Guitar, Handy Bongos, Rock Rap'n Roll
  • Simple Math: Equations (2 variations), Fractions (2 variations)
  • Numbers & Shapes: Make it Fit, World of Numbers, Inside a Shape
  • Magnetism: Attracting Art, Magnetic Sculptures, Compass Garden
  • All About Me: Reaction Speed, Balance Beam, How Tall
  • Light & Color: Light Lenses, Laser Bullseye, Rainbows
  • Electricity: Build a Circuit (3 variations)
  • Catenary Arch: Build a Walk-On Bridge

PLUS... Six Interactive Programs

  • Your Amazing Body: Explore the unexpected functions of your internal and external organs.
  • Noisemakers: Discover the difference between noise and music,  and learn how sound travels.
  • Be a Conductor: Find out if the human body conducts electricity!
  • Strong Shapes: Learn why architects use domes and arches.  Then, build one of each!
  • Bubblegum Calculations: Determine the percentage of mass that is sugar in a piece of bubble gum.
  • Ooey Gooey Gloop: Learn about states of matter and create a polymer to take home.
Interactive Exhibits
  • Living in Space: Astronaut Suit, Space Bed, Space Food
  • Working in Space: Robotic Station, Space Gloves, Tools in Space
  • Motion & Gravity: Gravity Well, Planetary Slingshot 
  • Planets & Astronomy: Planetary Weight, Starry Night, Earth Puzzle
  • Our Sky: Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring
  • StarLab: Portable Planetarium


PLUS... Six Interactive Programs

  • Be an Astronaut: Create your own space food, discover how astronauts sleep and try on a space suit.
  • Stargazers: Gaze at the stars, the moon, planets, constellations, star clusters, and even galaxies in our StarLab.
  • Peek at the Planets: Learn about the planets, their properties, and where you would find them in the sky.
  • Baby Bear: See the stars as they move across the night sky and hear stories about the constellations.
  • Meet the Planets: Your students will practice listening and following directions as they learn about the eight planets in our solar system. In this NASA Star Child activity, students will follow one and two step verbal directions as they learn about the order and characteristics of the planets.
  • Planetary Shuffle: Students will learn about the planetary orbits and discover the vastness of the solar system and the order of our eight planets as they walk a scaled model of the Solar System. Discover how the spin of the Earth creates a day and the orbit of the Earth around the Sun creates an Earth year.
For you to download:              
Science Carnival   GeeWhiz Family Fun Guide   Space Journeys Outreach Guide
GeeWhiz Outreach Guide   GeeWhiz Scavenger Hunt   Space Journeys Family Fun Guide


Traveling Science Workshops*
Designed for middle and high school classrooms.)
Let us deliver hands-on science and math programs in the convenience of your own classroom. Each hands-on interactive workshop is led by a trained Sci-Port staff member and includes materials for 33 participants. These workshops serve as a great introduction or follow-up to a particular topic. All workshops are 60 minutes in length.

$100 per workshop; $75 for each additional workshop booked on the same day and at the same location.
*Classroom workshops are only available for schools within 60 miles of Sci-Port.

Call (318) 424-8660 to book your traveling workshop.

Middle School Themes

Life Sciences

  • Pignapping  Someone has kidnapped Sci-Port's guinea pig! Students will help solve the crime through examining and analyzing evidence collected at the scene. GLE: 5th 8th SI: 1, 2, 4, 6, 7, 11, 12, 19, 22, 29, 39, 40
  • Mouse Genetics   Using eye color in mice, discover how traits are passed from parents to offspring and the mathematically probability associated with the expression of genetics characteristics. GLE: 5th 8th Grade SI: 1, 4, 7, 11, 12, 13, 14, 40; 6th Grade Math: 13; 7th Grade: 15, 16, 20; Math: 10, 37, 38; 8th Grade Math: 45

Physical Sciences

  • Power Up  Explore circuitry using series and parallel circuits to light a bulb. Then take the power up challenge. GLE: 5th 8th Grade SI: 1, 2, 12, 14, 22; 6th Grade: 18, 25, 30, 39
  • Light Detectives Crack the spectral code of the mystery star. Elements emit and absorb light in certain distinct wavelengths. Use a spectroscope to observe the spectral fingerprint of certain elements, and develop a key to determine the chemical composition of a new star. GLE: 5th 8th Grade SI: 1, 2, 4, 6, 7, 11, 12, 29; 6th Grade: 13, 36; 8th Grade: 37, 48

Earth Sciences

  • Rockin' Geology  Students will examine rock samples, learn the differences between rocks and minerals and work in teams to observe and identify mineral samples. GLE: 5th 8th SI: 1, 4, 6, 7, 12, 19, 22, 23; 8th Grade: 16, 17, 18
  • Soil Searching Students will learn about the parts of soil and analyze a soil profile taken from the banks of the Red River in terms of structure, color, consistence, texture, presence of carbonates, rocks and organic material. GLE: 5th 8th Grade SI: 6, 7, 19, 22, 38; 8th Grade: 14, 15


  • Bubblegum Calculations  Determine the percent of the mass of a piece of bubble gum that is sugar and flavorings, and compare the percentages for different types of gum. The results might surprise you! GLE: 6th Grade: 1, 4, 5; 6th Grade Math: 15; 7th Grade Math: 6; 8th Grade Math: 8
  • Pump Up the Volume  Students will calculate and graph the surface area and the volume of a cube and a sphere. They will analyze their data and relate it to real-life experiences. GLE: 5th 8th Grade SI: 1, 2, 4, 6, 7, 8, 12, 13, 16, 19, 22, 25, 37; 6th Grade: 1; 6th Grade Math: 7, 13, 18, 23, 24; 7th Grade Math: 26, 28, 32; 8th Grade Math: 17, 20, 32, 33


High School Themes

Life Sciences

  • Bear Genetics  Become a genetic counselor and develop a pedigree for a population of teddy bears using Mendelian Genetics. GLE: 9th 12th Grade SI: 1, 2, 5, 7, 14; Biology:  8, 9, 10, 11; Algebra I: 30, 31

Physical Sciences

  • Light Detectives  Elements emit and absorb light in certain distinct wavelengths. Use a spectroscope to observe the spectral fingerprint of certain elements, and develop a key to determine the chemical composition of a new star. GLE: 9th 12th Grade SI: 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 9, 14; Physical Science: 48; Physics: 32, 34, 35; Earth & Space: 26, 30
  • Power Up  Explore circuitry using series and parallel circuits to light a bulb. Then take the power up challenge. GLE: 9th 12th Grade SI: 1, 2; Physical Science: 5, 45; Physics: 21, 30
  • Period of a Pendulum  Perform experiments to understand which variables influence the period of the pendulum. Adjust the mass of the bob, the pendulum's initial angle and the length of the string. GLE: 9th 12th Grade SI: 1, 3, 4, 6, 9, 11, 15, 16(a)-(e);Physical Science: 1, 2, 29, 40; Physics: 7, 17, 19; 9th Grade Math: 4, 28


  • What's Your Vector  Use spring scales to measure each force vector in a balanced set of three forces. Then use the parallelogram method to add the vectors and prove that their resultant is zero. Weather permitting; this program ends in a Tug-of-War! GLE: 9th 12th Grade SI: 1, 2, 7; Physics: 12, 14; Algebra I: 22; Geometry: 10, 15; Trigonometry: 12, 16

Itty Bitty Outreach Programs
A fun, traveling science program designed for Pre-schoolers!
Programs are 30 minutes each. Interested in a subject that is not listed? Give us a call, and we'll do our best to create a custom program for you (extra fees apply)!

Pricing: $75 per 25 students per program (Book all 12 and receive $20 off!)  

Call (318) 424-8676 to reserve today!

Earth Sciences

  • The Plant Kingdom  Students will learn the six basic plant parts in this fun and entertaining program. Students will create and take home their own diagrams.


  • As the Crow Flies  Students will explore map reading, interact with a floor-size map of Louisiana and learn to identify the four cardinal points of a compass (the map is quite large, and space is needed to spread it out onto the floor).

Life Sciences

  • Cute as a Ladybug  Learn about shapes, patterns and counting while creating a ladybug to take home. We'll also have ladybug story time to learn about this cute little beetle.
  • Fuzzy Wuzzy  Students will learn about animals native toLouisiana. We'll study their skulls and fur, examine their adaptations and defenses and then learn what they need to survive.
  • Itty Bitty Yoga  Children will learn yoga poses along with exercise! Yoga is a form of exercise that teaches balance, promotes flexibility and teaches children how to breathe to stay calm and relaxed.
  • The Terms of the Germs  Germs are everywhere! How can you protect yourself? Learn all about bad germs and how you can stop them.
  • Yertle the Turtle  Learn about fun facts about turtles including their eating habits and exoskeleton. We'll also make our own turtles!


  • Fishing by the Numbers  Students will explore standard and non-standard measurement by "going fishing." Students will work in small groups on sorting and ordering by color and size.
  • Silly Snakes  Students will learn about identifying patterns in everyday life. After examining the patterns on a milk snake with shapes, they will recreate the patterns and assemble their own "snakes."

Physical Sciences

  • Slime  What is this gooey concoction? Is it solid or liquid? Students will explore properties of solids and liquids.
  • Pop Fizz  Students will have fun with crazy chemical reaction experiments and an introduction to the three states of matter.
  • Sound of Music  Students will use unconventional items as percussion instruments to tell a rhyming story. Explore sound by feeling and seeing vibrations, practice patterns with a drum and learn new rhythms with shakers. Students will finish by playing Sound Bingo!

Juvenile Justice Programs
Once a month, Sci-Port educators bring a hands-on approach to learning for students at the Caddo Juvenile Justice Center. The focus is science and math skills, with heavy emphasis on math for fourth and eighth graders taking the LEAP test. Since visiting the Juvenile Justice center, math LEAP scores have shown noticeable improvement.

For more information on Outreach opportunities, call (318) 424-3466.




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