How to Make a Monster: The Art and Technology of Animatronics
December 6, 2014 - April 12, 2015

Discover the skills and processes involved in bringing a creature from the written page to the silver screen in this fascinating behind the scenes exhibition. This exhibition explores the use of technology, engineering, science and art to show how monsters and creatures are brought to cinematic life.

You will discover the skills and processes needed to story board, make maquettes, and ultimately sculpt and finish a life-sized specimen using animatronic components that act as bones and muscles.

Visitors can even touch the alien guts from Pitch Black and step behind the controls as puppeteer to several animatronic characters and animals!

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Admission Rates
Members 3 and up: Sci-Port Admission + $3
Non-members 3 and up: Sci-Port Admission + $5

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