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Treasure is a word that stirs the imagination of everyone of every age. An educational and entertaining exhibit, 
Treasure! explores the history of treasures and treasure hunting, the technology employed in hunting treasure, as well as the people and personalities that hunt for treasure — including you!

What is treasure? Who hunts for treasure? Why do they hunt treasure? How do people hunt for treasure? What do you treasure? Explore these questions and take part in your own treasure hunt when you visit Treasure!

Treasure! has several thematic areas and hands-on activities that allow you to try tools of treasure hunting and investigate treasures. Special exhibit features include actual artifacts from shipwrecks and other treasure sites.

Free with Center admission.
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Did you know we have a letterbox at Sci-Port? 
Follow the clue and stamp our letterbox logbook with your own stamp! Don’t have a stamp? 
Borrow ours (in the box) or take part in our letterboxing program and make one!  

Ready for the clue?
Our universe is a big place and there is lots left to be explored! 
From the base of the furthest planet from our sun, follow the "orbital path" one foot for every Earth
year required for that planet to revolve. When you complete your paces, look around. 
You are ready to leave your mark in our galactic neighborhood by engineering your own star
and stamping our letterbox logbook!

What is Letterboxing?
Here's the basic idea: Someone hides a box (in a beautiful, interesting, or remote location)
containing at least a logbook and a stamp, and perhaps other goodies.
The hider then usually writes directions to the box (called "clues" or "the map"),
which can be straightforward, cryptic, or any degree in between.

Hunters in possession of the clues attempt to find the box. In addition to the clue and any maps
or tools needed to solve it, the hunter should carry at least a pencil, his personal rubber stamp,
an inkpad, and his personal logbook. When the hunter successfully deciphers the clue and
finds the box, he stamps the logbook in the box with his personal stamp, and stamps his
personal logbook with the box's stamp. The box's logbook keeps a record of all its visitors,
and the hunters keep a record of all the boxes they have found, in their personal logbooks.

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