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Admission Pricing

General Admission is $12 for ages 12 months and up and includes all day admission to POP and the Upper and Lower Levels of the Center.  All visitors are welcome to attend and participate in the daily, public programs throughout the center, including the planetarium programs. Unless otherwise stated, there is no separate charge for daily, public programs, which includes the planetarium programs.*
Click here to view the schedule for public programs.

(A $2 discount is available for military personnel and senior citizens.)

Group pricing information is located further below.
Please note we typically experience a high volume of group visits from March to May. This may affect the schedule we offer for the general public. 


The IMAX Dome Theatre at Sci-Port is the only IMAX Dome Theatre in the state of Louisiana. IMAX’s large film format combined with a curved screen three stories tall means the audience doesn’t just watch a movie – they are immersed in it. To see what’s playing, view the IMAX schedule below. Tickets are $8 per person, ages 3 and up.
(Entrance is in the Lower Level in the lobby.)

Hours of Operation

Wednesday – Saturday  (9:00 am – 5:00 pm)

Sunday  (Noon – 5:00 pm)

Lower Level Exhibits


The IMAX Dome Theater at Sci-Port is the only IMAX Dome Theatre in the state of Louisiana. IMAX, which stands for Image Maximum, uses the world’s largest motion picture film:  the 70mm/15-perforation film is 10 times the size of standard 35mm/4-perforation film. The IMAX projector passes 24 frames per second, or, 192 feet of film per minute. A typical IMAX film can be as long as 2 miles in length! The 6.1 surround sound system pumps 18,000 Watts of audio power into JBL speakers strictly designed for IMAX theaters. The screen is three stories tall, 60 feet wide and is made up 244 perforated aluminum panels. All of this is designed for the audience to become immersed in the IMAX movie.

Animal Enclosure

The Animal Enclosure contains a variety of animals, most of which are native to Northwest Louisiana. There are both venomous and non-venomous snakes, frogs, anoles, a box turtle, and a pair of alligators. The staff often take out select animals as part of the daily interactions with visitors, but you are always welcome to ask staff to bring an animal out again in case you missed the interaction.

Exploration Gallery

Located on the Lower Level of the center, the Exploration Gallery contains many of our “fan favorite” exhibits. These beloved, interactive exhibits have sparked curiosity in visitors for successive generations and continue to joyously provide an opportunity to explore varied subjects of science from physics, to logic, to electricity, to engineering and several others topics. Don’t forget to ask about petting one of our animals!

AEP SWEPCO Demonstration Theater

Located on the Lower Level, the AEP SWEPCO Demonstration Theater is one of the main areas where our daily, featured demonstrations take place. The presenter thrills the audience with feats that produce thunderous noise, searing balls of fire, amazing color changes, zaps of lightning bolts, and other experiments that tantalize the senses. Find out how we can make your hair stand up on your head!

Selber Space Walk

The Peggy & Aaron Selber Space Walk is a nearly 15-foot long tunnel that combines a scintillating array of lights and specialized mirrors to replicate a star-field in all directions. Visitors can become breathless as they “walk among the stars.”

Sawyer Space Dome Planetarium

The Dayna & Ronald L. Sawyer Space Dome Planetarium combines a 16 million pixel E&S Laser Projector system, the revolutionary software of Digistar 3, and a 12 m curved screen to bring the universe to your fingertips. Visitors can visit planets in and outside our solar system, fly through the stars, review constellations, learn about secrets of the universe, and much more. The Planetarium’s unique interactive programs are the only such programs in the world and are designed to allow the audience members to dictate the display. The main entrance is on the Lower Level.

Space Center - Lower Level

The Lower Level of the Space Center provides a hands-on learning experience about flight, constellations, principles of light, time, and other topics of astronomy. Visitors can build and launch a paper airplane , or sail to a destination using the stars as a guide. These and other astronomy ventures are designed to bring the universe to your fingertips.

Anderson/Feazel Family Foucault Pendulum

The Foucault Pendulum is named after physicist Jean Bernard Leon Foucault and is sponsored by the Anderson/Feazel Family and Anderson Oil & Gas. Upon closer inspection, the swinging pendulum uses principles of physics to prove the rotation of Earth. Foucault first demonstrated this in 1851 in Paris and this was the first time direct proof of the Earth’s rotation was shown (as opposed to astronomical observations). The pendulum uses a combination of sensors and electromagnets to continuously swing otherwise it would eventually slow to a stop.

Upper Level Exhibits

Power of Play

The Power of Play (PoP) Children’s Museum is a “town” designed for children 8 and under. Young visitors can role-play and pretend they are doctor, a veterinarian, a banker, a fashion designer and more. Other areas allow visitors to use their creativity and building skills via LEGOs, Blue Blocks and other manipulatives. Parental/adult involvement is strongly encouraged while young visitors explore at their own pace.

Randolph Querbes Johnson Health Zone

The Randolph Querbes Johnson Health Zone is a demonstration area where staff led programs explore biology and the world of living things. Visitors can learn how the different parts and layers of the human body all work together.

Bodyworks Cluster

The exhibits within the Bodyworks Cluster examine the physiology and anatomy of the human body. Visitors can identify bones and types of joints; put together an anatomical puzzle; compare a healthy lung versus an unhealthy lung; view X-ray images and much more.

Math Cluster

The Math Cluster exhibits probe the realm of math using reasoning and logic skills. Visitors can measure, calculate, weigh, manipulate, and “guesstimate” their way to solving puzzles and determining solutions to a variety of exhibits.

Earth and Space Cluster

The Earth and Space Cluster exhibits highlight and examine properties of the planets and other objects in our solar system. Visitors can build and test a satellite to prepare it for launch; gather friends and family to participate in a “Mission to Space”; and use surface clues from planets to determine if there is life beyond Earth.

JP Morgan Chase Solar System Cluster

The JP Morgan Chase Solar System Cluster offers a plethora of information for the planets (and one dwarf planet) in our solar system. Visitors can calculate their weight on each planet, compare their atmospheres and orbits, and view the night sky from each planet (and one dwarf planet).

Franks Foundation Solarium

The picturesque Franks Foundation Solarium offers an amazing view of Shreveport and simultaneously hides “science” in plain sight within its architectural design. The angles of the wall, markings in the floor, and glassed ceiling offer science information about the Earth and Sun.

Sci-Port Discovery Center provides a fun, educational environment for people of all ages to explore and actively engage in the world of mathematics, science and technology. Sci-Port serves to spark curiosity about the world around us, provides hands-on tools for using scientific discovery in everyday life, and encourages a passion for life-long learning.

IMAX Dome Theatre

Superpower Dogs

Apollo 11: First Steps Edition

IMAX Showtimes

Wednesday – Friday

11:00 am Superpower Dogs
12:00 pm Apollo 11:  First Steps Edition


11:00 am Superpower Dogs
12:00 pm Apollo 11:  First Steps Edition
1:00 pm Superpower Dogs
2:15 pm Apollo 11:  First Steps Edition
3:30 pm Superpower Dogs


12:30 am Superpower Dogs
1:30 pm Apollo 11:  First Steps Edition
2:30 pm Superpower Dogs
3:30 pm Apollo 11:  First Steps Edition

The schedule below will take effect Nov 4 – Dec 6.

Wednesday – Friday

9:30 am Superpower Dogs
10:30 am Apollo 11:  First Steps Edition
11:30 am Superpower Dogs
12:30 pm Apollo 11: First Steps Edition
1:30 pm Superpower Dogs
3:30 pm Apollo 11: First Steps Edition


11:00 am Superpower Dogs
12:00 pm Apollo 11:  First Steps Edition
1:00 pm Superpower Dogs
2:15 pm Apollo 11:  First Steps Edition
3:30 pm Superpower Dogs


12:30 am Superpower Dogs
1:30 pm Apollo 11:  First Steps Edition
2:30 pm Superpower Dogs
3:30 pm Apollo 11:  First Steps Edition

All films are 45 minutes in length. No late entries or reentries allowed.

Group Field Trip Information

Groups of 10 or more people that book in advance qualify for group rates for general admission to the center. Programs will typically occur between 10 am – 2 pm on the day of your visit. Your group may arrive early (doors open at 9 am) and depart at closing time.  As part of the general admission your itinerary may* include:
– one 30-minute Planetarium program (the Planetarium will be unavailable from November 29 to January 5)
– one 30-minute small group program
– free exploration (Grades PK-2 or similar age groups will be scheduled to include the POP Children’s Museum)
– lunch, if you opt to lunch at our facilities. If you would like to order lunch, please contact Ms. Rachel Ginsberg by phone (318 221 8544) or by email (
You may add on an IMAX show for an additional cost.
*Scheduling a program may not always be possible from March thru May due to the high volume of visits we typically experience during that time. If you strongly desire to have programs for your group visit, please let us know when reserving.

We strongly encourage you to book two weeks in advance of your arrival. To make a reservation, please email or call 318 383 9868. A one week cancellation is requested. Cancellations with less notice incur a $40 administrative fee. Weather cancellations are the exception and will be rescheduled at no extra charge.

Groups of 10 or more that book at least 2 weeks in advance qualify for the following rates:
– $10/person for general admission
– $8/person for IMAX-only
– $16/person for general admission and IMAX

There is no charge for 1 teacher/school staff per 10 students up to a maximum of 12 teachers/school staff. Proper identification is required. This excludes an IMAX-only visit.
Non-school personnel/chaperones associated with the group receive the group price of $10/person for general admission or $16/person if the group is including IMAX.
Title 1 schools may qualify for Admission Assistance. Please contact to inquire about available funding.
Title 1 funding is currently unavailable. We will update our website when it becomes available.

Advanced payment is not required for school groups. However, all groups must combine all money into one group payment and designate a representative to make that payment. Sci-Port accepts cash, credit/debit cards and checks (payable to Red River STEM).

Q: Can I book a field trip on a day Sci-Port is normally closed?
A: Yes but there are requirements that must be met. Please email or call to discuss your options.

Q: Do all teachers have free admission?
A: No. Only 1 teacher/school staff for every 10 students is not charged admission. If your group has 9 students, then no teacher/school staff qualifies for free admission. If your group has 10 – 19 students, then 1 teacher/school staff qualifies for free admission. If your group has 20 – 29 students, then 2 teachers/school staff qualify for free admission. Etc.

Q: My group is not a traditional school group (ex. Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, daycare, etc). Can my group qualify for the school group discount?
A: As long as your group has 10 or more persons and you have reserved in advance, and you are paying as a group, you qualify for the group discount.

Q: My group is not a traditional school group (ex. Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, daycare, etc). Will the chaperones receive free admission?
A: If your group is from an educational institution, and has  individuals that are employed by the institution serving as chaperones, then each chaperone will not be charged an admission with the same 10:1 ratio used for schools up to a maximum of 12 chaperones. Proper identification is required.

POP Birthday Party

You can host a birthday party at the center. Our hours of operation are Thursday – Saturday, 9 to 5 and Sundays, noon to 5. You and your guests would have usage of the Caesar’s Foundation Party Area or the Franks Foundation Solarium for 2 hours (either 10 am – Noon or 2 – 4 pm) as well as all day access to POP and the upper and lower levels of the center. You may bring outside refreshments including cake, drinks, ice cream, etc., and can arrive 1 hour early to *decorate. Pricing is $300. 

You may add on a batch of our famous Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream for $50.

A deposit of $100 is required when booking for us to hold the date/time. The remaining balance is due 2 weeks prior to the event.

Parties include admission for the parents and grandparents of the birthday child and 30 guests. A guest is considered to be anyone who attends your event. Additional guests would be welcome but at an additional up-charge of $10/child and $2/adult.

Please send an email to for inquiries.

*Latex based balloons and decorations are not permitted due to health considerations.

Get In Touch

  • For general questions, please contact us via our Facebook page, send an email to, or call 318 424 3466.
  • For questions about memberships:
  • Reservations, field trips, birthdays, and other group events:
  • For questions from the media:
  • 820 Clyde Fant Pkwy, Shreveport, LA 71101